Gigs This Week: Wednesday 19th – Tuesday 25th November

Wednesday 19th: Ricochet + Michael McNab solo at Long Play (318 St. Georges Rd Fitzroy)

Ricochet is: Joel Trigg, Zeke Ruckman, Josh Kelly and Oscar Neyland


Wednesday 19th: ANTECHAMBER at the Wesley Anne (250 High St. Northcote)





Thursday 20th: Adam Page SOLO + Lex French/Adam Page Quintet at Uptown Jazz Cafe (177a Brunswick St. Fitzroy)

8.30pm – Adam Page SOLO
10pm Lex French/Adam Page Quintet (NZ/AUS)

Lex French – trumpet
Adam Page – saxophone
Hugh Stuckey – guitar
Lyndon Gray – bass
Hugh Harvey – drums


Friday 21st: FRANK SOCIETY featuring Organic Robot & Claire Lefebvre at Conduit Arts (83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy)



Saturday 22nd: Halfshark Album Launch + Ayten Ahmet at Conduit Arts (83. Brunswick St. Fitzroy)


Saturday 22nd: Lebowskis presents Mon Frere Mon Frere + Magnusson/Beck/Tinkler (16-22 Cross St. Brunswick East)



Sunday 23rd: Cross Street Festival (16-22 Cross St. Brunswick East)

Presented by:

Cross Street Fridays | Lebowskis | Music off the Grid

A double launch, celebrating Cross Street, a music venue operated by the local artist community in the heart of Brunswick, and Music Off the Grid, a new website designed to inform curious listeners of hard to find gigs in Melbourne.


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Gigs this week: Wednesday 12th – Tuesday 18th November

Wednesday 12th: Tom Fryer Band + The Burke Bros & Ben Nickel at 303(303 High St. Northcote)



Thursday 13th: Henry Davis Trio 8.30pm Andrew Kimber Quartet 10pm Uptown Jazz Cafe (177a Brunswick St. Fitzroy)



Friday14th: The Hoodangers at Open Studio (High St Northcote)


$12/$10 concession

Saturday 15th:  Craig Mattingley’s Melbourne Quartet 9pm Sonido 10pm at Lebowski’s (16-22 Cross Street East Brunswick)


Entry $10/$5 students suggested donation

Saturday 15th: Beer Garden Sessions at the Brunswick Green (313 Sydney Rd. Brunswick)

Hosted by Jon Hunt



Sunday 16th: Michelle Nicolle Quartet (Filming & recording) at Cross Street (16-22 Cross Street East Brunswick)



Sunday 16th: Beer Garden Sessions at the Brunswick Green (313 Sydney Rd. Brunswick)

Hosted by Henry Hicks


Free Entry


Wednesday 5th – Sunday 9 November

Wednesday 5th: Tom Fryer Band + Fontana at 303 (High St. Northcote)



Thursday 6th: Hammond Sessions ‘Kickin the B at 303’ (High St. Northcote)



Thursday 6th: Melbourne Improviser’s Collective at Uptown Jazz Cafe (177a Brunswick St. Fitzroy)

Joel Trigg – piano
Zeke Ruckman – drums/percussion
Josh Kelly – saxophone
Oscar Neyland – double bass

‘Ricochet’ is a collaborative project formed by Joshua Kelly, Joel Trigg, Oscar Neyland and Zeke Ruckman in 2013.

The quartet investigates the concept of performance-based composition, where music is constructed and arranged in the context of a live performance. Compositional elements such as rhythmic cycles, functional harmony, atonality and abstractionism are used to blend the group’s influences (contemporary minimalism, free jazz, hip hop, rock and other world folk musics) into a cohesive musical experience. The resulting performance pieces are unrepeatable, a unique product of the time and place in which they are made.

Michael Gordon – saxophone
Ken Allars – trumpet
Tom Wade – bass
Finn Ryan – drums

The Cooking Club serve life sustaining energies presented as a fresh
and flavoursome sensory experience. Using only the highest quality
organic local ingredients, their recipes are guided by one principle:
The Flame Is Your Friend.



Thursday 6th: 30/70 Remix Tape Launch at the Catfish (30-32 Gertrude St. Fitzroy)

Hip-Hop gurus tHirtY:/:sEventY30slash70 bring together some of the country’s finest producers to feature on the remix cassette tape of the self titled extended player.

Launching the tape over two weeks in november with a very limited number of FREE cassettes on the door.

tHirtY:/:sEventY 30slash70 featuring: Allysha Joy Pinches

JoliVision bringing the visual delights

Special guests:
Jamil Zachariah, Albrecht, La’Brooy

Thursday 6th: Shape Shift at Bar Oussou (653 Sydney Rd. Brunswick)
Quantum Milkshake + Adam & Maria – “SHAPE SHIFT”
This particular Thursday night is the night where things truly become out of the ordinary.

Bushes rustle, dogs start barking and suddenly, everything you have come to know your whole life start changing right in front of you. The walls melt and the cat is going inside itself. Your hands are slowly dripping away and you find yourself transforming into something that you could not even imagine.

This is where we come in.

ADAM AND MARIA (8:30) and QUANTUM MILKSHAKE (9:30) are here to help you with your transformation this night as we have (for many centuries tracking down our family line) an exuberant understanding of such changes in ones world through the power of music (oooOOOooo)

We’ll be holding our “Seminar” at Bar Oussuo in Brunswick along Lygon Street.

It’s free!
And I’m sure music will play a part at the “seminar” too. I’m sure.

Good luck fellow humans!
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Friday/Saturday/Sunday November at La Mama Theatre (205 Faraday St. Carlton)

Perhaps this story starts from this phrase: “I am the Truth”
A faith that embraces nothing more than the one Living Truth, animating the
hearts of mystics through the ages and across the world. The story of this
performance is based on the 4500-line Iranian epic poem The Conference of
the Birds; its captivating poetic style explores the fundamental nature of truth
(God, wisdom). The birds of the world, each of which holds special significance,
seek out the Simorgh – a mythical Persian bird much like the phoenix. Brook’s
stage adaptation of this 12th-century Persian poem first came on stage in 1979.
Performer, advisor, puppeteer and puppet maker: Elnaz Sheshgelani
Directors: Lloyd Jones, Scott Mostafa Welsh,
Ren Walters, Ricardo Evertsz and Kerry Davies
Narrator: Scott Welsh
Music and sound by Clinton Green
Pianist: Domenico de Clario
Vocal: Shani Holmes

Fri 6.30pm | Sat 8.30pm | Sun 6.30pm

Saturday 8th: Luke Howard Book Launch and Listening Party at Conduit Arts (83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy)

Luke will be launching a limited edition photo book of photos from the past few years’ travels throughout Australia, North America and Europe. Accompanying the book is some all-new music produced in conjunction with Hadyn Buxton and Leonard Grigoryan.

The book, along with selected photos, will be available for purchase on the night.
Presented by Lukktone, Conduit Arts and Higher Plains


Saturday 8th: Beer Garden Sessions at the Brunswick Green (313 Sydney Rd. Brunswick)

Hosted by Henry Hicks


Free Entry

Sunday 9th: Beer Garden Sessions at the Brunswick Green (313 Sydney Rd. Brunswick)

Hosted by Ronny Ferella


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Sunday 9th: Christopher Sealey Trio at Wesley Anne (250 High St. Northcote)

Free in the Front Bar


Free entry

Saturday 25th October 2014

Deity at Conduit Arts (83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy)

On the eve of all Hallow’s Eve and under a full moon four diverse acts play a night dedicated to any and all deities. Each musician conjures their own spirits, to their own rhythms with their own machines. Join the cacophony of devotion.

River Of Heaven: the River of Heaven is culmination of Dase Beard’s obsession with aluminium instruments, simple song structures, a frail voice and an abundance of reverb.

Miles Cosmo: Miles Cosmo produces vintage synth sounds as rich and thick as his full ginger beard.
IDM, chillwave, techno, house and glitch influences mix with rich melodies and catchy hooks in hardware heaven.

Suicide By Cop: Hailing from the heart of Melbourne’s industrial west, Suicide by Cop is an audio/visual project with extreme sensibilities, approached with an emphasis on pushing hardware beyond its intended function to create a relentless wall of droning noise and chaotic freeform video.

Abre Ojos invokes the elements of this world and the next through deep frequencies of sound and light. Brutal meditation to match this brutal world. The gates have fractured and the bounty is yours.



Christopher Sealey Trio at Wesley Anne (250 High St. Northcote)

Free in the Front Bar


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Sunday 26th October 2014

Inside/Outside Barkly Terrace (Mitcham)

Inside performances:
Bound For Glory
Bonnie Mercer
Llara Isabel Arena

Outside performances:
Ernie Althoff & Clinton Green
Rodney J Cooper
Lloyd Honeybrook

Public transport: Mitcham railway station (Belgrave/Lilydale line) is at the end of Barkly Terrace. There are also buses available to Mitcham station.

Driving: Alexandra Parade > Eastern Freeway (Eastlink) > Springvale Road > Whitehorse Road > Mitcham Road > Barkly Terrace.

BYO refreshments / food / sunscreen / ear plugs etc

SOUND begins at 2.30pm

Beer Garden Sessions at the Brunswick Green (313 Sydney Rd. Brunswick)

Marcus Wyatt (South Africa) – trumpet

Zvi Belling – Bass

Ronny Ferella – Drums


Free Entry

Trio Agogo at the Wesley Anne (250 High St. Northcote)

Formed in 2009, Trio Agogo are one of the few Australian groups performing the Brazilian styles of Choro and Samba. Their live show is a fiery display of one of the first true Brazilian instrumental music forms

Free Entry